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Can My Marble Floor Be Polished?

By 10th April 2020No Comments

Marble floors provide some of the most elegant and finest finishes to homes, hotels, restaurants and offices around the world. This incredibly hard wearing stone really sets off a floor like no other and it’s incredibly versatile with regards to how the actual stone looks. Factory finished polished marble, once installed in your premises, looks amazing but you must make sure that you have a stone restoration company on hand, like ourselves, to assist you with keeping your floor look as good as the day it was installed and most importantly, protected.

Over time, you’ll notice that the surface of your marble floor will become scratched, scuffed, worn and in some cases damaged through etching. Etching is a chemical reaction with the calcium content of the stone that occurs when something is dropped on the floor, The reaction will cause the shine of the stone to diminish and you’ll notice an area of dullness where the spillage was. There are products on the market which will remove etching to a degree but you’ll probably find that in using these products, you’ll be left with a slightly different finish in that particular area as you won’t be able to match the shine of the rest of the floor.

The way we fix this particular problem and also to remove the scuffs and marks of everyday use which has dulled the stone, is to polish it using high grade professional diamond impregnated polishing pads and pucks. Attached to our industrial machinery, the stone is renovated using these specialist products which will help to skim minute layers of the stone from the surface, removing the vast majority of damage in the process. The stone is “knocked back” which will completely remove the shine to the floor. If you don’t want a shiny floor and prefer a matt finish, then job done. We’ll apply our professional impregnating seal and get out of your hair! It’s very rare that people want that kind of finish on a marble floor though.

Once we’re able to remove the damage, etching, scratches etc and dull the floor all over, we then work meticulously using our mechanical polishing techniques to restore the shine to your floor. During the quotation visit, we’ll discuss varying levels of shine with you and help you decide what kind of shine you would like by carrying out a small demo patch for you. The process and the limits of your particular floor will also be discussed as there are some stones that can’t be polished very much and also some circumstances with regards to the fitting of your floor which may hinder the results, but we’re the specialists and it’s our job to point these out and assist you in making the right decision for your floor.

If you’re looking for a very high shine with exceptional clarity and brightness, similar to the likes of a shopping mall in Dubai or the entrance lobby to a 5* West End Hotel, then we would be looking at a technique called “grinding”. Grinding will prepare your floor for a slightly different way of polishing which will give you the highest and clearest shine possible. The price point for this kind of service is higher, but the benefits are that your days of trying to keep the grout clean will be largely over and keeping your floor clean will be a much easier task, providing our advice is followed. The floor will be polished to its full potential and you’ll find that the shine generally lasts longer (depending on traffic levels), due to this maintenance polishing will be required less often.

Travertine coffee table polished to a showroom finish to remove etch marks

Money saving tip! Occasionally we find some customers purchase their marble floor from discount flooring companies at a reduced rate, maybe the tiles are end of line or haven’t been finished to the standard that was required. The client will purchase the floor and have it installed knowing that they can then contact us to come and refinish the floor to a higher shine, get it the looking the way they want it and then have us protect it with our professional seals, and contact us as and when the floor requires any work. If you’re thinking about doing something like this, make sure you contact us before purchasing the tiles to make sure your expectation level of the floor can be met as you don’t want to have an expensive floor installed only to find that it won’t polish to a high shine!

Hopefully I’ve shed some light on the common question of “Can my marble floor be polished”. Yes it can, and in many circumstances, we can actually get it shinier and looking even better than the day it was installed! We can also apply the same sort of service to work surfaces and table tops, so if you have a damaged and tired looking work surface, give us a call!

If we can be of any service to you for polishing your marble floor, or any stone floor that has lost its shine. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at your convenience.

Thanks for reading.
Chris – Head Technician at Powerdean Floor Maintenance.


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