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Can Professional Cleaning or Professional Carpet Cleaning Kill The Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

By 12th March 2020February 10th, 2023No Comments

I felt compelled to write something regarding the current “worldwide pandemic” Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 as it seems to be alarming a lot of our clients, to the point where we have actually had cancellations on both our carpet cleaning service and also our domestic cleaning service.

My wife Jayne runs our domestic cleaning service and recently posted the following on their Powerdean Cleaning Facebook page…..

If any of our customers have any concerns regarding our cleaning service and the virus, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We already have, and will continue to have, a strict cross contamination policy in place which includes:

  • Colour coded cloths for different areas
  • Each property has its own set of cloths for that day’s clean
  • Cloths are washed after every use
  • Clean and used cloths are kept separate at all times
  • All equipment (vacuums, filters, caddies, bottles…) get washed/disinfected at least once a week, more often if needed
  • Hands are to be washed/hand sanitiser used, and/or gloves to be changed between high risk areas/properties

At this point in time, the BCC (British Cleaning Council) are directing us to the government website. As always, the DCA (Domestic Cleaning Alliance) are an invaluable source of information to its members, and there is nothing to suggest that professional cleaning companies need to be doing anything different from usual. We will obviously be keeping a close eye on this.

As for our carpet cleaning service, due to us being NCCA registered, we charge realistic pricing for our service, this not only ensures that our business model is sustainable in the long term but our pricing structure takes into account the time that we spend cleaning down after every job and sanitising equipment, the behind the scenes work that our clients don’t see but appreciate that it’s done regularly (another reason to use an NCCA registered carpet cleaning company). All this is done as standard, little did we know it was going to be something that was imperative due to a virus outbreak that is putting fear into the world’s population!

We have seen various posts from carpet cleaning suppliers and also some carpet cleaning companies in Essex claiming that professional carpet cleaning kills the Covid-19 virus however, we want to categorically state that it is not possible for anyone to have such confidence in this statement and we urge everyone not to believe such hype. As far as we are aware, tests have not been carried out with any carpet cleaning chemicals on the recent Covid-19 virus so therefore, no one can be 100% certain that their products will kill the virus.

We believe in honesty from the outset with all of our clients and potential clients, and wanted to make sure that the people of Essex, or anywhere in the United Kingdom are not being sold a service under false pretences. Obviously, there is a good chance that carpet cleaning chemicals out there do kill off the virus however, at the time of writing this blog post (12th March 2020) we are not aware of any lab tests to confirm this, so tread with caution if that’s your main reason for having your carpets cleaned.

Government Guidelines

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Use a tissue or your sleeve to catch a cough or sneeze
  • Dispose of tissues immediately
  • Use hand alcohol-based hand sanitiser (if you can find any)
  • If you have a “new” prolonged cough or a temperature, the government are now requesting that you self-isolate for a minimum of 7 days.
  • If in doubt, do not attend your GP Surgery, call the NHS Helpline on 111

Above all, please don’t panic.

Thanks for reading.

Chris – Head Technician at Powerdean Floor Maintenance.


Founder & Head Technician at Powerdean Floor Maintenance. Passionate about providing an amazing cleaning service to our clients



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