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Can Sisal/Seagrass Carpets Be Cleaned?

By 8th May 2020No Comments

If you’ve searched around for the answer to this question then chances are you already own or are thinking about purchasing a sisal, seagrass or other form of natural fibre carpet. If, you’re reading this and are unsure on what this kind of carpet is, it’s a natural fibre that looks very similar in colour to hay but much finer and is woven together to create a floor covering. It’s quite hard under foot so doesn’t tend to offer much in the way of comfort, you certainly aren’t going to be taking a snooze on it! It’s pretty hard wearing and lasts a very long time, but like most things that can go on a floor, it will only last a good amount of time if it is cared for in the correct manner.

Can Sisal or Seagrass be cleaned? Yes it can, however it’s not cleaned using the traditional carpet cleaning methods and you will normally find that this form of low moisture cleaning is sometimes around double the cost of a normal rinse extraction carpet clean. We do offer this service to all of our clients and have had great success in cleaning natural fibre carpets like sisal.

The one thing you need to be careful of, if you own a sisal carpet is to be particularly careful with stains and spillages. The absorbency and retention rate of these types of carpets means that they will absorb stains like a sponge, worse than a sponge, and wet cleaning isn’t an option unfortunately. We’ve read and heard about various carpet cleaners rinse extracting sisal or seagrass carpets but it’s a very delicate procedure and one that is generally only being tested out in suppliers train

ing rooms and workshops to try and expand the carpet cleaning industry and the capabilities of products, machinery and the technician’s knowledge. To carry out a rinse extraction clean on a client’s carpet is asking for trouble.

We clean them using a specialist dry cleaning method, lots and lots of vacuuming (something that is also very important with this type of carpet), and occasionally a very light misting of a micro-splitting cleaning agent, but only ever a misting and we keep an extremely close eye on the moisture levels. Our dry cleaning method is good for freshening up the floor, cleaning it and removing built up dust that sits in between the fibres but stain removal is severely limited so the best option is to try your hardest to not stain a carpet like this.

This form of carpet and it’s required cleaning methods are still being researched however we have recently been researching and speaking with our suppliers regarding what can be done to protect the carpet and we do have a way of applying a barrier to the flooring which will help stop water and oil based stains soaking into the carpet so easily. Please contact us if you’re interested in seeing how we can help protect your sisal carpets.

Thanks for reading.

Chris – Head Technician at Powerdean Floor Maintenance.


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