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Live in Braintree? Got a wood floor that is looking a bit worn and tired? Have you pulled up your lounge carpet and discovered wooden floorboards that you want restored? Scratches, wear and chips causing your floor to not look it’s best. We can help! Braintree has a vast amount of old buildings and homes boasting some of the most stunning wood floors, FACT, wood floors are becoming very popular around the town. Based just east of Braintree in Tiptree, we cover Braintree and all the surrounding towns & villages with our dustless wood sanding service. We are able to restore and protect your wood floor with a variation of different finishes, so you can once more be proud of your wood floor.

Wood flooring is growing in popularity not just around Braintree but in Essex in general, it is a great investment for any domestic or commercial property as it can be restored to an almost new condition time and time again (depending on the wood) and with the correct care and maintenance plan from Powerdean Floor Maintenance, you can have a great looking wood floor that will last for years. Whether your wood floor needs a full sand, remedial works or you just want to make use of our first class after care, being local to Witham means that we can be with you ASAP for any of your floor restoration needs.

Using our state of the art dustless wood sanding machine, we have visited numerous client’s around Braintree to strip back their wooden floors removing old lacquers, oils and damage. The process is then continued to bring the wood up to a smooth finish before we apply your desired finish whether it be a stain, lacquer or oil. Our technician will discuss your finishing options with you at the quote.

Powerdean is a local family run business, honest, reliable and always friendly. We pride ourselves on being open and honest with all of our clients and offering a service second to none and where possible, always utilise eco-friendly and cruelty-free products. Our reviews speak for themselves. We are Braintree’s go to company for wood sanding and finishing, your floor is our business card!

We are fully accredited, the area's only DCA registered cleaning company and the area's only Approved Members of the TileMaster Network

Dustless Sanding

Over time, wood floors get worn, scratched, chipped and begin to show wear patterns through every day use. It’s unavoidable unfortunately. Using our industrial, state of the art machinery we’ll remove previous lacquers, oils and stains, then gently sand back a small layer of wood to remove imperfections like scratches and chips to leave a beautifully smooth sanded surface of fresh wood. For the edges of the room we’ll use high end hand machinery to achieve the very best finish in all areas of the room.

The level of dust created is controlled via high powered vacuums and specialist equipment removing the dust particles from the floor and stopping it from being kicked up into the air.

Wood Floor Finishing

Once your wood floor has been professionally sanded back and had any surface treatments removed, we’ll then apply a new finish, selected by yourself, to really set your wood floor off. We’ll discuss your finishing options with you and make sure to offer you the very best guidance for your lifestyle.

We have a selection of various finishes from a clear oil which soaks deep into the wood and lifts the grain for a rich high end appearance, domestic and commercial grade lacquers to offer your floor the best protection from water and oil based stains as well as every day wear and tear. If you really want to change the appearance of your wood flooring because you’ve just redecorated in a different colour then we have a range of coloured stains which can be applied prior to the lacquer and will vastly alter the appearance of your wood floor.

Work Surfaces & Tables

We’re often asked if we can refurbish table tops and kitchen work surfaces. This is something we really enjoy doing! Again, using professional sanding hand machinery, we’ll strip back old layers of oils or lacquers, sand down the level of wood to remove scratches, chips and any other imperfections and then apply a finish, selected by you to restore your table or kitchen work top to its former glory.

Filling & Repairs

Loose parquet finger? Loose board? Gaps need filling? We can repair those and even have close relationships with some of the best carpenters in Essex to call in if required. We will discuss these options with you when we survey your flooring at the quotation phase.


Can you clean wood?

We do offer a cleaning service for wood flooring however it’s a delicate procedure as wood cannot be made too wet therefore the clean is limited to what it can achieve.

Is it completely dust free?

It’s not completely 100% dust free but the dust created from our machine is confined to an area beneath the machine and immediately extracted with specialist sawdust extraction vacuums. Any dust that does settle on skirtings, we’ll always make sure we clean up!

What options do I have for my floor?

There are many options when it comes to wood, it’s incredibly versatile. Once it’s sanded we can apply different levels of protection, different coloured stains to vastly change the appearance or we can oil the floor to give it a real high end look. We work closely with wood sanding and finishing suppliers including Morrells in Ipswich, WoodMaster, Pallman and RubioMonocoat, so a bespoke finish to your wood floor is only a phone call away.

I’ve scratched my wood floor, can it be repaired?

Yes and No, there are many varying factors with regards to spot repairs on wood, contact us now to arrange a visit to survey the floor and the damage caused, our technician will then discuss your options with you, open and honestly.

Can you carry out plank replacement?

At present, this is not a service we offer however we have partnered up with some very good carpenters and will arrange for them to carry out any work that may be required.

Can you restore my wooden worktop?

Yes, we can! Our professional hand machinery will allow us to restore your worktop or table top removing ring marks, scratches and damage, then we can apply a layer of protection to keep it looking good and assist your maintenance cleans.

What Clients Say

5/5  ·  15th December 2020 by Belinda Moore of Messing, Colchester
Wood Sanding
Chris and Dan did an amazing job bringing our 8 year old engineered oak floors back to life . The floors look incredible now and we are delighted with the job.
5/5  ·  4th December 2019 by Roy Catling of Ipswich, Suffolk
Wood Sanding
Chris sanded and polished my hall floor it looks better than new!
5/5  ·  28th September 2019 by Alexis Cornell of Coggeshall, Essex
Wood Sanding
120 year old wood floor sanded and lacquered to look brand new. Amazing!

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