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The health and wellbeing of your staff should be one of the most important factors in running your business, less illnesses equals less days off, more production, happier staff and a better workplace for all involved. We’re often requested to clean office carpets and office upholstery all around Essex, using a variety of different carpet cleaning methods. Having your carpets cleaned regularly will not only keep your working environment cleaner and healthier for anyone using the office space, it will also help to prolong the life of your carpets, replacing carpets can be a lot of effort, moving desks and disconnecting PC’s and office equipment not to mention the cost of replacing!

Here at Powerdean, we clean office carpets properly, during our no obligation visit to conduct a thorough survey of the carpets, we’ll determine the best way to tackle the floor covering you have and the types of stains/soiling currently contaminating your office carpets. Depending on traffic levels and the amount of staff or customers you have coming in and out of the workplace, we would recommend carpets are cleaned every 6-12 months, sometimes more frequent if you have a high level of traffic.

We can arrange to have your carpets cleaned using a deep extraction method once a year and then carry out maintenance cleans every 3/6 months just as a little touch up to keep them looking great before we then carry out an extensive deep clean annually with the rinse extraction equipment. Our maintenance cleaning technique is a low moisture form of cleaning meaning that the office can remain operational whilst we clean, it’s low noise, low moisture and very little inconvenience too. The low moisture carpet clean can only really be carried out on low profile carpets as opposed to your run of the mill tufted or long pile carpets but that’s for us to worry about.

Restaurants, bars, hotels and shops are common call outs for us around Colchester, Chelmsford and also further afield as word of our service spreads. Generally we find that in those establishments there is more likely to be thick pile carpets or hard floors and the working hours are obviously a lot different to an office block. The process for the thicker pile carpets is generally to clean using hot water extraction and we have various different cleaning solutions to tackle different types of soiling, for example, in a restaurant, we would favour a product that breaks down grease and more organic soilings, especially when there is a large build up, but with a wedding shop, we would probably favour our eco woolsafe cleaning solution or a microsplitter as the level and type of soiling is going to be completely different.

As an NCCA carpet cleaning company, we always clean to BSI PAS86 standards and will carry out the necessary health and safety reports such as method statements and risk assessments, as required and when requested. We are a professional floor restoration and carpet cleaning company and everything that I instil in my business I try to make as professional as possible, so we’ll make sure correct signage is used, we are also aware that business needs to continue so all of our staff working in your office are instructed to make sure that YOUR business comes first, if your phone rings or you have customers visiting your premises, we’ll stop or move to a different room. Obviously, stop/starting all the time will delay the clean so ideally it would good to carry out any cleans during out of office hours, so if required, please speak to me about out of hours cleaning.

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Chris – Head Technician at Powerdean Floor Maintenance.


Founder & Head Technician at Powerdean Floor Maintenance. Passionate about providing an amazing cleaning service to our clients



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