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So you’ve taken the plunge and had new carpets fitted throughout your house and you want them to look their best and last as long as possible. Who wouldn’t? Carpets are expensive and you pay a lot of money for something you walk on! You’re walking on something with bare feet, shoes, dogs are coming in and out with Lord knows what on their paws…..not to mention the kids! Your carpet is going to start collecting a huge amount of dirt from the moment it’s laid by your carpet fitter, and unfortunately there isn’t a lot you can do about that.

The best thing for you to do to keep your brand new carpet looking great for as long as possible it to vacuum regularly, at least 3 times a week we would suggest, more if possible but with the modern demands of life, we know that’s not always possible to do and sometimes carpets can go for a few weeks without getting a good vacuum. If you’re lucky enough to have the budget to get a nice new wool or wool mix carpet then you have the chance to put a carpet protector on them, wool carpets tend to be much better quality, don’t compress and flatten so much, last longer in general but as you can imagine are also a little bit harsher on your bank balance. There are some synthetic carpet protectors out there but they are generally a waste of money in our opinion, this is because synthetic carpets are generally made from polypropylene which is a form of plastic and plastic doesn’t absorb anything so everything runs through to the back of the carpet, which means spraying a protector down on the carpet is largely pointless.

Wool carpets have a retention rate of around 12.5%, this means that if you spill anything on the carpet, it will retain around 12.5% of the spillage. If you think about when the wool is on it’s source, a sheep, it’s designed to keep the animal warm so absorbing moisture for the body to heat up is imperative, the same process takes place on your floor, but ideally it’s something that we want to avoid as much as possible. Wool carpets are a lot harder to clean than their synthetic counterparts, especially when it comes to spot stain removal and cleaning out things such as inks, nail varnishes and pet stains, the later being very hazardous for a wool carpet due to the ammonia and acids that will attack the natural fibres and ruin them. You generally find that any stains like that will more than likely be permanent and require specialist bleaches to disguise, we say disguise because bleach doesn’t clean stains, it changes the appearance so you can’t see them. This is why products that you can buy from the supermarket (no names mentioned) are seemingly so effective, they are forms of bleach that, rather than clean, just disguise, they definitely don’t clean. You’ve now sprayed that product down on your new carpet to “remove” a stain but instead you’re bleaching the carpet and now that bleach is sitting in your carpet as you have no way of flushing it out, this is a very dangerous situation to be in, after all, it’s BLEACH!

Time for a very short science lesson, the bleaching effect is sped up by heat which is why a hairdressers use heat when colouring hair as it speeds the process up, heat is a catalyst. If any heat hits that spot that you’ve just sprayed a load of supermarket bought “cleaning” products on, i.e. sunlight, then the bleaching process will be sped up and it will quite literally rip the colour out of your carpet if it’s heated up for long enough, guaranteed. Another way this could happen is by using too much, the more you use, the wetter the carpet gets, the longer it takes to dry which means the bleach is active for longer. Before you know it, you’ll have a bleach circle on your carpet which won’t clean out and will require re-dying to correct, however re-drying is an extremely expensive service and one that not a lot of companies carry out nowadays.

Anyway, I’m rambling on about something I’m quite passionate about, so let’s get back on track! The easiest way for you to avoid these kinds of situations, regardless of how good or how trained your chosen carpet cleaner is, is to have your lovely new wool carpet protected from the moment it’s laid in your house. Modern day protectors knock the spots off the older style from 10-20 years ago, once applied, they soak into the carpet and protect each individual fibre, as they cure over the course of 24hrs, the carpet gains a water repellent ability and a lot of spillages quite literally bead on the surface and allow you to blot them up using a piece of kitchen roll, it’s amazing! Of course, it’s not going to stop your carpet from getting stained, and anyone claiming that is just after your money and giving you the hard sell, after all you’ve spilled something or the dog has been a bit naughty! However, due to the protector, the spillage or stain won’t be able to attach itself to the fibres of the carpet as there is a physical microscopic barrier, so when you call out your NCCA Professional Carpet Cleaning company to remove the stain, the chances of the stain completely coming out are now hugely increased.

Towards the end of 2019 we were called out to a client’s house in Feering, Essex.

Stain removal from a protected wool carpet.

She had a brand new loop pile wool carpet fitted on her stairs and landing, it must have cost a small fortune as this carpet was stunning, lovely two tone colour, very well made and made us extremely jealous. Unfortunately, a week after having it fitted, her dog was a bit poorly and ended up vomiting a couple of times on their nice new carpet, creating a some pretty nasty stains in the process. Our client hit it with any product she could find under the sink but to no avail, this is a situation that occurs a lot and I’ll address DIY spot stain removal in my next blog post. She ended up calling us out to see what we could do but even we struggled and in the end, although almost invisible, it was still faintly there and we ended up having to write up an insurance report for accidental damage so she could have the carpet replaced (another service we offer). A few weeks previous we had been to another client in our home village of Tiptree, who wanted her wool carpets cleaned and protected, which we were happy to do, obviously. The day after visiting the client in Feering and writing up an insurance report, we were contacted by the client who had protector put down, her dog had done exactly the same thing but the dog was 5 times the size so the stain was pretty large. With very little effort on our part, every single last bit of the stain came out, so the bill was a lot cheaper! See the picture….

Obviously, once our client in Feering was told about the success of the protector and saw photographic evidence of it, she bit our hands off to have it out down throughout her house. The protector we use, we feel is the best on the market, it does require zero foot traffic for 4 hours after being put down but it lasts anywhere up to around 8 years (dependent on traffic levels) and we even offer a 50% discount if we protect the carpet after having it deep cleaned by us. In our eye’s it’s a no brainer for anyone who wants to keep their wool carpet looking it’s very best, unfortunately a lot of people think it’s a money making gimmick but I can assure you it’s not, the stuff genuinely works very well indeed however, we do know there are some companies out there using inferior products that don’t work well at all and even some companies that charge for protector but don’t apply it, so please do be careful.

If you would like more information on how we can help you protect your new or old wool carpets, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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